Take time for the simple things to improve your mental health.

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There is no doubt, there is one issue after another these days, and it amazes me at just how impactful the news and the ongoings in our country are to people. I mean honestly, all you hear these days is about people's mental health. 

It's sad. A suggestion to improve your mind set and distract yourself. Just reconnect with nature. Take a foldable chair, a mat, or just sit right on your tush, and breath in the fresh air, Enjoy the antics of small woodland creatures. They are quite comical. You may even see a deer and see just how peaceful things can be. This will also create memories that you can relive and it does take your mind off of your worries. I hope this post brings some peace to those who need it. 

Stay safe and look after your loved ones.


THe simple thingsWith a crazy world sometimes you just have to take time for the simple things Thank you for watching. 


Night Skies and Sweet Smells

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I really look forward to the days when I can simply just look for compositions. Call it a mental break, recharging, or just disconnecting from the crazy daily grind of what is clearly an upside down world. 

So many thoughts surround how crazy and out of touch we are in todays world, and what I notice. If you do not take a step away from it, all the disagreements, all the different points of view, and the real possibilities that people are delusional, it does become a necessity that each of us has to take a break from the created craziness that we see here at home and abroad. Think about this. You can get up in the morning after a good nights sleep, have some coffee, and all seems good. Then you watch or listen to the news, and a topic that may be concerning to you can ruin what was looking to be a great morning has completely shifted your mindset. Of coarse it can be said, you should not let it bother you, but it's easier said than done. 

That's why I think we all need to have an outlet. Of coarse one of mine is photography and 2024 is going to be interesting for me. I have been living with some limitations for quite some time and almost three years ago, I began to have some of my defects corrected. Very soon I will be starting the next path of that journey and although several reasons exist for me to do so, one of those reasons is their are things in life I miss. One is being able to go all day afield and compose frames. Several years ago, I was notorious for going out all night and doing slow, or long exposure photography. Sometimes spending a night in a tent was just what the Dr. ordered and its been a minute since I have been able to do so. 

After all these years, I will tell you what I learned. Your employer and those you work with are not friends. We always make friends along the way, but I have recently made statements about trust. Maybe you have heard this. Sugar and Salt look the same. Be careful who you trust. Take my word on that. One thing people do is lie. I saw that in a episode of house once, and it has resonated with me. 

Without any further ongoings by me, This is an example of why I am walking the paths I am walking. 

Milky way and Lavender ScentsMilky way and Lavender ScentsNothing like the sweet smell of flora as you await the rise of the galactic core

My final thought. You can be a spiritual person or maybe not, but I think on both sides of that debate, you can say that everything happens for a reason. You just have to understand the reason. 

Once again thank you for reading and may you have a great day. 



All this work for one little flower

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A quick post today that is a POV type step to finding just one little flower to photograph. It certainly is not by any means a great composition but knowing that sometimes you just need to walk away with one, was my entire for bothering to put a small clip together to document the event. 


Photographing one little flower 


Hope you enjoy.. Honestly the best part of this video is the music.. Who does not love this amazing composition. As a matter of fact I will sometimes put in my Liberty earbuds and motivate myself through an epic soundtrack. 

Thank you for the quick check in. 

Wishing all a glorious day. 

Much admiration, 


Stop worrying about upgrading your Camera. It's not the Camera, it's you.

February 02, 2024  •  1 Comment

Todays post may upset some people, but I think it clearly needs to be said that yes technology with digital cameras have come a long way in the past 5 years, but having such features as face tracking, eye tracking, faster autofocus, and huge leaps in dynamic range abilities allow photographers some relief to get it right in camera, I think it needs to be said that having higher megapixels and all this technology does not make for better images. 

Honestly, have you ever heard the saying, that camera of yours really captures a nice image. Think about that for a second. If you were dining out and the meal was fantastic, would you say to the cook, sir, you must have one incredible stove to be able to make such a wonderful meal? I am betting that you wouldn't. Its the same thing with a camera. It's about you and your skills. In todays world with the tech in smart phones, you see some incredible images for "Pro" photographers and non pro alike. In fact many award winning images are captured on smart phones and often is the case you don't even know it was taken on a smart phone. 

About a year ago, maybe 2 years now, I put up a you tube video that talked about a new camera is not going to make you a better photographer, and what bothered me, was some people I knew personally thought that the video was directed at them. Ok yes, it was stated to me that the need for a new camera was a priority, and it was felt that a new camera would help the photographer capture better images, but in all reality, and I am sure many professionals would make a case that this is such a misconceived thought. In my opinion it said a great deal about a person who took offense to a thought I had and then blocked me, because he could not handle the truth. 

The old saying sometimes its better to lend someone $20.00 and never see the person again is a very cheap solution to what could be what I would call a PITA. In short it was worth the twenty bucks, because I just need people in my life that think everything is about them. 

This post is not about any of that. This post is to just simply state that you don't always need the latest and greatest camera to be a solid photographer. 

With the recent releases, by Hasselblad, and other companies everyone wants to flock to the latest and greatest. I myself would enjoy having a Hasselblad to play around with, but that does not mean I am going to go out and spend $8000.00 because it will make me a better photographer. 

The long and short of this topic is simple. Composition starts with the person pushing the shutter. Over the years I have taken more than my fair share of let's just say it. Crappy photos. I did however not reflect on how terrible the shot was, but what I could do to make myself better. That is always the agenda, and achieving that is growth. 

The shared image is proof of what I am saying, and opinions will vary on just how good of a shot it is. Roughly 20 years ago I shot this image with a Canon XSI camera. The camera was a 12 Megapixel body, and it was really my first digital camera after stepping away from film. 

Your opinion may be different, but this way a great capture, and what I walked away with was a happy couple who loved this shot ,and there was a lot of positive comments that really inspired me to continue the journey. 

Vows during a Cold Winter Night Wedding Vows in Downtown Buffalo on a cold winter night

I really had to give a ton of credit to the happy couple because this was a long exposure and they held perfectly still the entire shot. 

As cold as what it was, and exposed as these two were, I give them the credit for helping me compose this. IT goes without saying that editing software has come a long way since this image was captured but I want to reinforce my subject here. You do not need the newest camera to take awesome images. 

I think the only argument here would simply be that this photo is pure trash, which would be debated. I won awards for this image and to be transparent, it lead to new clients and new business. Back then I was on a mission, and it was a pretty clear goal. Get good, get business, and help me pay for my ambitions in photography. 

We all out grow our equipment, and being able to support an upgrade is a great thing, but buying a camera because you think it will make you better is just not realistic. 

What I am hoping here is to inspire you to put the work in. Learn about composition, learn about exposure triangles, understand the impacts of ISO and most importantly, Know that you are the reason a photo is great. Putting the work in to understand how a camera see's light and how you can control the camera to create the type of image you so wish is the single most important thing you can do to solidify your reputation as a skilled photographer. 

I think this one phrase says it all. There is a huge contrast in camera ownership and being a photographer. 

With my post in conclusion, I would really like to know your thoughts on the topic. Please leave your thoughts in the comments and as always, I want to thank those of you who took the time to read my post. 

Keep shooting and always be learning. 

With admiration and respect, have a legendary day. 


Content for Your Enjoyment

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Just a quick little video of My Encounter with a Fox 





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