Photography Competitions. Yes or No

October 16, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Let's talk about photography competitions for a minute. Do you enter them? I can say that several years ago, I used to. I won several of them back in the day, but I stepped away from them for several reasons. The biggest reason why I did this was simply because over time I learned that the majority of people judging local competitions had no clue what they were talking about when it came to photography or composition for that matter. Ok so before someone goes ahead and says, ah, your just as sore looser, Let me just state this for the record. A sore loser will not offer a word of congratulations to a winner despite ones own personal opinion. Nor will a sore looser ever let a jaded moment go. A sore loser will continue to bring up the topic of the said event, the winner by judge's, and they will be very public about the specified event. 

When I say that a judging committee has no clue about composition or even the basic rules of photography, I mean they do not factor in these basic principles when it comes to judging an image. For the most part and when it comes to local competition I can say that most people who judge imagery at a local level simply judge that imagery by what is visually appealing. That means the saturation of colors, the subject of the image, sometimes how sharp the image is, but for the most part, if it is colorful, that will likely be the winner. Does that breakdown make me a heal for calling this out. I don't think so, but when you compare the type of imagery that is judged  by a group of peers, ( fellow photographers, gallery owners , publishers, etc.) you can clearly see that game is really stepped up. The images, the compositions, is worlds apart. 

My conflict. I was just told about a local competition, and it was suggested that I enter it. My question regarding that suggestion was why should I enter it. I received a resounding response and it was flattering, because I think you would win. We checked out the contest site and the rules, and one for the first things stuck out to me like a sore thumb. Sunrise and sunset photos have the best change of winning and are preferred. I saw that and thought, Damn! talk about pre-judgement. With that stated it really limited, the prospective of showcasing some of the more popular things that people often do in the area, and really kind of limited the opportunity to showcase some of the really beautiful scenic area's that this small county had to offer. 

With that said, I have a personal choice to make. Do I go ahead and enter a contest that has a pre-judgment already in play, knowing full well that I will not be entering a sunrise or sunset photo. In addition do I go ahead and enter a composition that will be a great frame full well knowing that some crappy photo along a waterway with bright orange, yellow and reds, will more than likely beat out my composition, because it will be more visually appealing to a judge. 

That is a question that remains to be answered. You will have to keep watching the posts or a watch on my social media accounts to see if I go forth and do some photo hunting. 

Please by all means, share your thoughts. YES OR NO. 

Check point 3Check Point ThreeAlong the Shores of Lake Ontario Thanks for Reading, 


Feeling the Landscapes

October 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Lately I have been getting out and taking short walks, doing a little video, and hitting the shutter a bit. In short, I am photo hunting. When I say hunting I really mean searching for compositions. The challenge of taking something that most of us would just walk on by, and finding something interesting, then composing something out of nothing has been so very satisfying. I think its just getting out in fresh air, and enjoying the break from all the crazy stuff going on under these left wing lunatics. 

Anyways here is my most recent captures. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did composing them. 

SOFT REFLECTIONS (1 of 1)SOFT REFLECTIONS Soft Light Reflections SPIRIT TREE and the SunkissSPIRIT TREE and the SunkissSun Kissed Spirit Tree Morning glowMorning glowMorning Reflections

Until we cross paths again. 


A Spirit Tree

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In short, the story behind the image here is pretty standard. I went to an area that I have visited in the past. This area is kind of cool and features a small waterfall that I have photographed in the past. This time however I returned to the area because I wanted to photograph this old tree. The size of it indicates that it is very old and it kind of sits by itself. Funny how our lives kind of coincide with the tree. As we age, younger people don't really relate to those of us in our later years. I think back to when I was younger and a little more spirited in my viewpoints, and the way I lived life, I had a much bigger social circle. Now in midlife, I realize that people come and go, and to be honest, I do not think I would change a thing. When you stop and look at the big picture, and realize the mess this country is in, I cant relate to people who wont work, or feel that everybody owes them something. Some would say that us older people are just assholes, but the fact is, our life experiences and the final realization of just how screwed up people are these days, confirms a level of maturity. Sometimes its just better to get out and enjoy these little moments. The old tree is like an old man. Both are strong, mature, have seen a lot over our life times, and most importantly, they are spirited. 

I give you a Spirit Tree.  SPIRIT TREE (1 of 1)SPIRIT TREE (1 of 1)The Spirt Tree I did not do this old tree justice in my composition. It happens, it's all about light, and my light went soft. 

Twists and Turns and Life Goes on

September 22, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Interesting turn of events. I was taking walk like i used to do, before the world became so fucked up. I spotted this interesting growth and decided to to explore the scene to see if I could create a composition. This is what I came up with. 

It kind of shows you that life goes on even though it is full of twists and turns.  BenderBenderTree Formation Leads to Odd Growth

3 shot Panoramic. Enjoy. 

Don't be a Mike, get out there and enjoy the wilderness. 



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