Photography and all the amazing things seen, and amazing people meet. What does it mean?

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First things first. I want to thank those on social media platforms that have shared, commented and supported my photography and content creation. You are the reason I continue to produce. 

Secondly, I need to get this off my chest. Years ago, I used to have connections on Facebook with well over a thousand people. The reason why that number is so much smaller today is simply because there were so many that I did not really know, and the interactions with these people from a standpoint of why I even created social accounts, is simply stated as my goals were not just being met. I would ask people for reviews, I would receive very few, I would state sharing is caring, that adventure did not go as hoped. I often felt this was simply due to people not understanding how social algorithms worked, but in all reality people do not really need to understand how this works. If they like a post, it takes two seconds to share it. I do have some friends that really help me with this, but the saying it takes a village to raise a child, although I don's agree with the context, I can certainly see this applicable in the case of social reach. With that said, its all about the pay to play world now with all social sites. The exception being You tube, which if you play the content right can go viral, and if you do that, You tube pays you. What an amazing concept. I did in fact do some adds on Face book and Instagram, but it was not a good ROI and found that organic reach was a better option. 

Being a student, I did and still do research some marketing techniques, and one thing consistent is the need for a website, which although GO DADDY screwed everyone with relevancy by doing the Microsoft 356 thing, which destroyed a lot of websites search rankings, and forced so many to either pay for office 365 or loose their search engine rankings, lead to a very steep uphill climb to regain what was lost. 

Next we had the Instagram shift to short content. A few years ago, I would post a photo get several likes and all of a sudden, what was once a platform for photographers turned their backs on what made them, and it was all about short content or reels if you prefer. Then facebook obtains them. Now they are pay to play. 

In the grand scheme of it all, I am simply saying screw all that. After doing some educational investigation for myself, I have had enough of Social Media and it will change the way I put my work out there. I often thought that maybe my compositions were just terrible, but having several photos published in highly regarded magazines in addition to having sold some prints in higher end art galleries, it makes me think, Okay, your work is not to bad. It also leads me down a road of thought, that we hear about depression and, people who just give up. The impacts of social media does play a huge role in all of this, and it does make you think, why does no one like my stuff. It's not always your stuff sucks, it's because these platforms want you to pay to put your stuff in front of people that they determine might have interest in what you do. That is content controlled by algorithms, and this is what the downfall of so many things we live with today is all about. Remember something. The old saying, a fool and his money are easily divorced.  If you are paying for reach, its on you.

I will say once again, I want to thank those of you who shared, liked, and supported my content. It's is however time to ramp back what is posted on social platforms, because first off, people just don't care enough anymore to show support, and platforms just want you to pay to reach your friends. Stating once again, I do have friends that share and support, but I also have "friends" that are completely fucking useless, and this is the reason why I keep my circle small. Some advice for all who read, when your circle of associates has no one that impresses you, your circle is now a cage. I refuse to be in a cage, and the fact is, if you want to stay in touch, you can do it right here, you can also email me, or better yet call me. 

This post was inspired by a recent video post I put up which after looking at the analytics and realizing how the algorithm shadow bans me, I in all honesty, decided to just simply stick to my own little world and not post on social platforms. Of coarse I will still put out the blog posts but as far as adding content directly to social platforms, I'm done. 

I have been blessed by all the amazing people, I have meet, and all the amazing things I have seen, and my goal was to simply share some of those things. What a waste of time. Here is where I will be. 

With all that said, here is my most recent stupid slide show. Those who see it, I hope you enjoy it. I would ask for your comments, but why bother?

Much love to those who care and support my work, but I will not go the path of a WWE catchline and demand that you ACKNOWLEDGE ME ! 


BlessedIt's been a blessed ride being able to see so many things and meet some amazing people. Blessed, 



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