Stafford Terrier chilling on a Park Bench. Buffalo-Niagara Metro Area Pet Photography

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After all these years, and after so many photoshoots, I have to admit, stepping away from weddings, headshots, and all the other niches I participated in, and then focusing on pet photography is certainly something that I earnestly enjoy. That's not to say that I would not ever do a wedding, or some other type of photography, but lets be realistic. The world of photography is saturated with everyone who owns a camera is side hustling and wants to be that well known always busy professional photographer. I think that is until the amount of work becomes so overwhelming that one person can't maintain what most would be called a workload as standard for a working photographer. I know at times over the years, I have done up to 6 sessions in a day, and often times sessions are two or more hours. Some weekends, I would do 2 weddings on a Saturday and spend a majority of the work week editing the images. Let me tell you, that the contrast of what people see you do as a photographer, and the work behind the scenes is huge. Weddings for examples. You shoot over 600 photos at the clients request and then every image has to be filed and edited. You can spend 10 hours photographing and 50 hours in post. No one really understands that and lets talk about the cost and peoples reaction when you would tell them the the cost. If you worked 60 hours what would you expect for payment?

When I started offering formal wedding images which was 1 to 2 hours of just you and the bride groom and close friends and family, it was a much better alternative to traditional wedding images. 

My point of bringing any of this up is to simply say that niching down and just doing pet photography makes things very enjoyable and manageable from a photographers perspective. With that said, I will also make the statement that this is not an easy gig. There is a whole bunch of people owning cameras and the trick is standing out from the crowd. That is also tough, because what sets you apart is what you need to communicate and to do that, you have to pay to play to spread the world about your work and what sets you apart. I recently consulted with a SEO company and although they really wanted to gain my business and I would have loved to give it to them, the cost was staggering. As always whenever you invest you need a return on investment, and what I always note, is often times despite the promises, you never really see a huge return on your investment.  To be honest, it's bad business, if you can't achieve what your goal is. For me its frustrating because from an organic reach standpoint on social media I have seen a huge chokehold on posts getting out to people who would always follow, comment and share your work. 

My own personal feed, I don't see very many friends posts and some of the shit I do see is completely off topic for anything I have an interest in.

That's facebook, 

It's the same with Instagram but I suppose when face book owns the platforms its bound to happen that way. 

Twitter or now called X. I hate it. 

Despite all this, Here is what I really want to say in this post. 

Pets, Dogs, Horses, cats, we as humans bond with these amazing gifts, and being a dog lover myself, I can't stress enough at just so how important it is to make memories with our furry companions. Get photos done. Honestly, I have regrets not having portraits done with some of my past babies. Of coarse I have the memories and some old cell phone pics, but I wish I would have captured the personality of each individual companion.

Maybe I am just getting old and so much more tugs on my heart strings these days, but one comfort during these times is simply having that pet that I can hug on. If you think about it, our furry friends are like real life teddy bears, and it does amaze me how some pets are so in tune with their humans that they know when something is wrong. You just can't buy that kind of dedication in people. I always say it. The one thing on this earth, that will love you more than itself is a dog. 

Stafford terrier relaxing on a park bench. Staffy Mix Chilling on a park Bench looking for her forever home. Buffalo- Niagara Metro Area Photographer offers services to shelters in the hopes to increase pet adoptions. I have several plans for the immediate future as it relates to putting my focus on pet photography. I do hope that from a local standpoint that pet shelters will see this and reach out as its concerns me that shelters are full and some of these babies are just waiting for someone to love them. 

If you happen to read this please help me get the word out there and lets get some of these shelter pets into forever homes. This problem is something we can do something about and it's the right thing to do. 

Thank you for taking a minute to read and share. 



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