OH NO. Photo Guy is back. Time for us all to Embrace our Individual Suck and Hang up our Cameras.

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This read might be a bit much for the faint of heart. I will disclose two things up front. I do not advocate for violence, and when I state punch him in the mouth, I mean call him and the BS out.

I have a question, have you ever been, or known Photo Guy. 

As I go a bit Jared Polin in this post, I want everyone to understand that my opinion here is mine alone(allegedly), and with that said, Always learn and take constructive feedback even from the most novice of persons. Distinguishing through conversation if talking points are relevant, their is a grace in humility( being humble) and kind to your fellow human.. Oh yeah animals too. Dogs, Cats, etc.

Here we go. Lets talk about photo guy... I LOVE PHOTO GUY and I hope you do too. 

win loosewin loose always learnNever stop learning  


I had hoped that after years of distancing myself from on line social media photo groups that just maybe some things changed. Wishful fucking thinking.

Recently, I decided to join a local photo group on Facebook. I guess my biggest reason to do so was to simply enjoy some of the compositions that are shared within the group and participate in some of the discussions within the group. It started off great and I even shared a few images. 

An image I am proud off was the supermoon image of 2016 as it was setting. The shot was taken in Niagara Falls in the early am near the bridal falls. 

Then it happened. PHOTO GUY showed up. Any of you who know me or have followed me for any length of time knows my past history with "Photo Guy".

I have written, and even did a Podcast on this amazing individual and his vast knowledge of everything to do with Photography. 

For those of you who have never met photo guy, let me introduce you to this icon. 

Photo guy, is a special breed. He is like fucking YODA, but for photography. Photo guy knows all the best ways to compose an image, he also knows out of the gate, how to set his ISO, His F-stop, his shutter speed, his aspect ratio, and everything he does is amazing. There is no image you will ever capture good or bad, that will ever be compare to anything photo guy composes. What is most amazing about photo guy, is his knowledge of lens's and their ability to offer unique looks via focal planes. I mean his worldly knowledge of horizons and what a moon would look like in the sky is just incredible.

Something else that is a huge credit to photo guys vast skills, is his ability to offer his opinion and or assumption in a way where he would not offend the artist. Even when it's established by peers and the artist, Photo guy has the incredible ability to completely disregard and acknowledge that his comments are offensive and will double down on his position and continue to push his agenda from his perspective because he knows he is completely in the right. 

I love me a Photo Guy, because everything he says, and every point he tries to make is a direct opposite of his original point. I also can't forget to mention his vocabulary and his amazing ability to communicate in a passive aggressive manner, while under the guise of stating he loves the image that was viewed and regarded by peers. Photo guy also likes to assume, and rightly so, that everyone considers him the resident expert and they want to hear his takes and perspectives on how an artist composes their compositions. 

So here it is, In honor of Photo Guy we salute you and all your amazing worldly knowledge on all worldly topics. You are a credit to all of us and those of us who have had the wonderful experience of meeting you and receiving your fantastic feedback.............


We thank you, YOU JERK!

First off, you can always tell PHOTO GUY, because he always has to have the last work in any discussion. Second, You always know it's Photo Guy, because he just does not seem to get it. His constant need to be always right just takes him to a place where he is invalidated by his all who have to tolerate his stupid opinions and assumptions. Even when you and everyone involved punch photo guy right in the mouth, he will make it about him and play the victim. Photo Guy is never the bad guy. Despite the hard truths, Photo Guy will never understand that he is just a jerk.

Photo Guy lives as the modern day term defines Imposter Syndrome. Photo Guy is so full of shit, that he will lie about his associations in Photography and no matter how much experience you have, his shitty compositions will exceed anything you do as a photographer. 

Hey Photo Guy, Your work sucks and when I say it sucks, I mean its like a hurricane vortex, that just sucks the oxygen and energy out of an place.

I'm mean your snapshots suck so bad that to even think they would pass as award winning photography is clearly defining you as a know it all, and just a guy who is envious of his peers and its clear. Photo Guy, you are  delusional, and your a jerk!

Just having you in the picture, makes my stomach hurt, and you have brought nothing positive to my life. 

You sir are like a dog that can't be housebroken. Constantly full of shit and a real pisser.

Screw You, PHOTO GUY. 

To those of you who visit my blog, I want to apologize to you for my harshness towards photo guy. After all these years of ups and downs in life and always looking to improve my talents, I chose to stay somewhat humble. I avoided the drama of photo guy for years, because I will choose distance over drama at this point in my life. I have nothing to prove, and its simple. If you like my work, I thank you for your kindness, and support. IF you don't like me or my work, know that I respect your opinion enough to simply say, Thank you for your feedback. My thoughts have altered, and I asked myself a question. Why should I not network, or engage with people who share my love for photography and the creative process. 

Once again my apologies to anyone who visits on a regular basis, but I still have my pride and I am not above punching a guy in the mouth when he crosses a line, and tries to play a victim, especially when he is called out for simply being a passive aggressive jerk. 

Don't be Photo Guy. Photo guy is a Jerk. 

DUHDUHPHOTO GUY just can't let it go.


As always, Thank you for taking the time to read, and if you have thoughts please leave a comment. 

Much love to all, 



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