My Review of Artcise Carbon Fiber Tripod

January 27, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

At one point, I made an attempt to create some content on you tube, and I found that growing as a creator was pretty hard. One success during the time period was my review of a tripod that I purchased made by Artcise. I have had some high end tripods over my lifetime and always had some things that left me feeling like I paid a premium dollar for the equipment but they fell short of my expectations. On one frustrating outing I was so disgusted with my my tripod I had enough and starting researching solutions. When I came across Artcise I was very intrigued after reading the description and decided it would be worth exploring. After unboxing I noted it was light and did have a thought that it may not be stable once set up. That thought went out the window pretty fast. I also noted it had a nice sturdy hook that would allow me to add some weight if I needed to. I can say that after two years of ownership this has been by far the best tripod I have owned. 

Here is the unscripted real world evaluation of the tripod. I assure you this in now way is your traditional video and there was no scripts or narratives in the production. In fact I barley did any editing as I wanted this to be as real and in real time as possible.

Without any more words here is the production.  As stated it was by far the most watched video I produced.




Please let me know what you think. With some time on my hands should I do more reviews?

If yes, I promise I will put together a much more professional production. 

Images captured when using.  SolsticeSolstice

Thanks as always for the read, and your feedback is welcomed. 




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