Kissed and Ditched

January 19, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

Todays post will be to hopefully brighten your day. I have found that I have time on my hands and decided that I needed to get out today. If for nothing else, just to give me some sense of purpose. 

I did take Camera with me and I hoped that I may spot something on the winter landscape that would make for a worthy composition. Lets face it. moving snow is great and all but we have some pretty scenic sites if we get off our butts and do some looking. 

Here is what I found.

Kissed and DitchedKissed and DitchedAs the snow gently fell on the cold landscape, the sun offered its warming kiss to brighten the day

SO a breakdown of this image. My first notation was snow. Its bright and can be difficult to photography, because it will always be the brightest part in your scene, well that is of coarse unless you are capturing the sky. This composition I was however able to minimize the amount of sky in the frame and I felt lucky about that. Once I had the shot metered correctly for f-11 and 1/1000 of a sec for the shutter speed, I needed to find a focal point. I decided to really get a good depth of field that f-11 would work well but I did not want to go to deep into the frame for a focal point. My focus was just past the fallen snow covered tree on the left and on the edge of the water. This seemed to work. I also noted the light was hitting a little different and could see the sun to my right trying to peak through the cold grey sky. In an instant I saw sunlight and began to pop off some shots. 

It seemed that the cold landscape received its first kiss of sunlight which really helped with the reflections in the water. 

I did in fact upload this and some variation to the fine are gallery and here is a link if you would like to look around. Yes the images are for sale in a variety of shapes and sizes, They also can come framed or unframed. Nothing but quality from our partners folks. 

Just for fun, here is a vertical variation in Black and White which I am very happy with. 

There is just something about the beauty of Black and White. 

Am I crazy or would this not look good on a wall. Was a tough decision on a black mat or a white one. I also noted I could have went black frame on this as well, but I fear i would be considered to artsy and looked down on. 


Framed Print


Well if can visualize this, I have given you the best I had to offer today. 

Thanks for the read, and shoutouts of you made it to the end. Let me know what you think. 


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