Hello 2024

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Just an update as we enter into 2024. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you who consistently read this blog. 

Plans will be to showcase more video content via this blog. 

I will also be starting the podcast back up. Links will be be place here in this blog. Hoping some of you will share and help me build that brand. 

In addition, you will start to see more commercial  work posted here with fine art prints that will be added to the gallery. 

Yes, those images will also be on sale. I figured I would just state that now because I am asked constantly on Social Media sites.  Links will be available, although a simple click on the phot will take you right the gallery..


On a personal level, 

I have had a lot of deep rooted thoughts recently in my career and I have to simply disclose that the past year has not been positive. 

Most often people don't like change, I embrace it, when its positive and productive and it benefits everyone. I however will state that seeing people come and go is not always enjoyable, but it's understandable. My concerns are related to generation gaps and yes I am talking about the work ethics and loyalties of Barrak's Babies. 


No Ethics, No Loyalty, and the mere notion that they feel they know there worth.  Despite my age, health, years of service, and my loyalty, I still find that what I am able to accomplish in a day is so far above what people who wish to replace me is, I kind of feel like I should be the one saying I know my worth.. I also kind of have the opinion that if I can't rely on people to do do their job and grow into a advanced role, than what do I really need other managers around for. This one aspect has impacted my personal growth simply due to the fact that the majority of my day is picking up the ball when others drop it, and my ability to advance my skills is now a question of time. My personal time is supposed to be mine however, for me to grow it seems I have to use my personal time to develop new skills.. Let's face it. I don't need to grow. I'm content, but life long learning is important even if I don't ever move up. Another talking point is my age. I have sacrificed so much of my time to be who I am today, that I am just tired of it, and will only dedicate so much of my personal time to new skills.


Am I wrong? 

With all that out of the way, lets move on the compositions.. 


That ShoreThat ShoreAs this small boat awaits it's next adventure, the fog starts to roll in. The coming year will produce some very detailed compositions and I am looking forward to capturing some winter images.. 

I am sure this year will be difficult considering I will be having some surgical work done, but the walking will be great therapy and having a camera in tow will make this easy. 

I call this pleasure and pain..

More soon. 





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