Google Reviews and Wins

January 13, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

As many of you know, if you own a small business or you are simply building a brand, one of the most important things to do is get you name out there. 

This includes social media like Facebook, Instagram, possibly The X formally know as Twitter, and most recently TIK TOK. Another key and this is by far the most important, Google. Having a business page in Google, and having links to social media accounts is very important. 

One action to take is ask your followers and clients to review your business on google. It helps raise your rankings in search engines. One last thing. You have to have a website. Give people who are seeking your services a one stop landing source to learn everything they can about what you bring to the table. 

I like to be transparent, and a couple of things I want to touch on today. First, Your family and friends are not your best resource for quality reviews on Google or any social media platforms. Consider these reviews endorsements and ask yourself, are your friends and family really going to give you a bad review? 99.8 percent of the time they will verbally support you but you have to ask, does this drive business to you which is really the ultimate goal. 

Year over year, the number of facebook friends I have has been reduced by my own hand. Here's why. Having a connection with someone that does not engage with you, or give you the time of day, or would not even say hello if you saw them on the street is in no way helping you with your goals. 

I have asked for reviews and I have received. The reviews I have I am truly thankful for, and I appreciate everyone who took just a minute out their day to drop a kind word about how they felt about the experience in front of my lens. I mean this with all sincerity. I value those relationships. 

The point of this post is moving towards a bigger win in my opinion and some of you may remember some drama on my Facebook page. 

While doing a paid shoot for a commercial project, I was questioned by another ""photographer"" about what I was doing when the drove by a location that I was photographing. This person had a reputation for just being a jerk and to be honest, the talent was not very good. 

Of coarse I answered, but I set a line in the sand very quickly with this person as  I  understood she would make some comments about why she was not contacted to do the work. 

Taking some offense, she started some drama right on my page, and it was a bad look for her as well as me. Facebook did in fact remove the posts from the my page, but a lot of people saw the conversation. Of coarse friends on both sides did get involved and further added to the entire thread.

Two things that came from all this, I received a call from the other parties mom asking me to not simply destroy her child's dreams of being a "photographer" , which was never my intent, but remember I did not start the drama. I was in damage control. The other real issue was one of her buddies left a pretty nasty comment on my google page. 

The win on this was Google removed the review and stated it violated their policies. This just goes to show you, you may a long fight ahead of you, but stick to your values. You will win in the end. 



I want to state that this issue was let go years ago and I don't carry things like this around with me. The fact is neither made an impact and to the best of my knowledge, nether person is even in business. You know who is still here though just doing their thing. You guessed it. 

I have always said, and have been told my biggest enemy was time. I acknowledge that. But due to some recent events I seem to have a lot of time on my hands and have put forth some new efforts with my love for content creation. Call it my hobby, do I love it? I sure do. It's one of the things in life that you can love and it does go away of leave you. Things have changed so much in the last 10 years and change can be good or it can be bad. I could really be brought down by all the negative and it would be just easy to quit, but that is not how I have ever been wired. People make choices, and they  have to live with those choices. Don't let a temporary situation dictate what you will do in the future. Sometimes words are hard to hear. To grow there are times you need to hear them. Remember this, there are many who secretly hate you, and the take great enjoyment when they see you fall. We fall so we can pick ourselves back up, and when you go through hell, i offer this. GO THROUGH IT! What's waiting for you on the other side just might surprise you. 

This is what I do, and it may not be your cup of tea, but that's the great part. I don't have to be. 

HappyNothing is more joyful that seeing a child be a child

Thank you for reading and I hope this brings value and possible some closure.



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