Expressions of Fall, a Woodland Walk

January 29, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

In this post, I will share with you what I call an expression of the fall. 

As the seasons change, and the air becomes crisp, the woodlands fill with the scent of the season. Most of you will understand. That wonderful scent of rotting leaves. Using rotting as a descriptive word seems unpleasant, but in all honestly that is exactly what it is. Not all rots are associated with unpleasantness. 

Spending so much time outdoors, I have so many fond memories of the fall season much like the image Here today. 

Just being in nature offers so much from the perspective of recharging ones self, or being able to have the wonderful surroundings to simply get your thoughts in order. For the last ten years the majority of my time was dedicated to other entities, and here is some advice. Do not give up your simple pleasures in life or step away from activities you enjoy, because you feel you have to, to be successful in a job, or live up to an expectation. 

Trust me on this one. Do what you must but don't give up who you are, or what you enjoy, because you feel you don't have time. 

Time will always be your biggest enemy in life and the trick, is learn to work with time. I have said this on may occasions. Salt and sugar look the same, be careful who you trust. To build on that.  With a circle of people in your life you find that no one is impressing you, your circle quickly becomes a cage. Always try to be someone who offers something of value to your circle. IF this is not happening you need to change the circle. 

Well her is my composition to share today, 

Hope it inspires, or triggers a pleasant feeling. 

Expressions of FallExpressions of FallFinding unique or old growth trees is a treat when looking for landscape images. Changing leaves and glowing light is what inspired me to frame this composition.
I felt it was very expressive of the season and made a nice composition that expressed fall.

Thanks all, Feedback is always welcomed. I would also appreciate your review on google if you have a few seconds. It really helps me in SEPO rankings and I do intend on getting back to doing more of what I enjoy. 


Thank you for the read. Hope to see some comments. 



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