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Often, I hear terms like imposter syndrome, and I must wonder. What exactly is the definition of imposter syndrome?

Well Wiki defines imposter syndrome as: 

Impostor syndrome, also known as impostor phenomenon or impostorism, is a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.[1] Despite external evidence of their competence, those experiencing this phenomenon do not believe they deserve their success or luck. They may incorrectly attribute it to the Matthew effect, or they may think that they are deceiving others because they feel as if they are not as intelligent as they outwardly portray themselves to be.[2] Impostor syndrome can stem from and result in strained personal relationships and can hinder individuals from achieving their full potential in their fields of interest.[3]

When impostor syndrome was first conceptualized, it was viewed as a phenomenon that was common among high-achieving women. Further research has shown that it affects both men and women, in the collective sense that the proportion affected are more or less equally distributed among the genders.[1][4] Individuals with impostor syndrome often have corresponding mental health issues, which may be treated with psychological interventions, though the phenomenon is not a formal mental disorder.[5]

With that said, i usually hear this term on photography podcasts and there seems to be a great deal of focus on this topic. I personally feel that if you keep things in perspective and know your own personal limitations, this entire topic is a moot point. Let's be serious for a moment. IF you are constantly learning, and believe in a continuous improvement ideology, you can easily work through this entire narrative. A prime example. I may think something I do is awesome. I then will share it on social platforms to obtain some feedback, in addition I always hope that the right person will see that content and it may be for lead generation, or simple to promote my own abilities. What I can tell you is due to things like pay to play, your content rarely reaches the right people and often you just receive likes and comments from people who follow you on social platforms. Another fact is, as I type this and look to share the content on such platforms, I also know that one person out of ten will click the link and read the content I have posted. That is something that contributes to the whole imposter syndrome phenomenon.  Is it any wonder why people doubt themselves and their abilities? It's like I say in my video, which I will be sharing in this post. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. That is the same for the content you create in the video. The real fact is that a target group will care about what you do, and breaking into that group is the real struggle. 

I call what I do a hobby. It's a personal outlet for me, and I must be real and honest about it. Does this lead to paid work for me? It sure does, but I also must be selective about what I do in that field. In the past I have been involved in some big projects, and the content that was created was outstanding. The earnings from those projects define that. The other side of that coin is to reach a level of familiarity and become in demand is where most will fail. Being an individual who maintains a real-world job and does not work as a content creator or full-time photographer is the sole reason my time to dedicate to the craft has been limited. Some will say work harder, dedicate more time to the craft. Is this your goal? is that what you want to do for a living? Ask yourself that question. Thats the first step towards reaching a goal. Me, well I must be content doing what I am doing. 

Once you grasp all of this, your path becomes clear. As far as "Imposter Syndrome", I will chalk that up to being another modern-day bullshit excuse for being a failure. I am sick of hearing about this and listening to podcasts that talk about imposter syndrome, and mental health issues. GROW UP! Anything worth having, and reaching goals takes demanding work. The real problem is entitlement. Most have no idea what it's like to put in a grueling day to reach a goal. I hate to use this as an example but look at athletes past and present. LeBron cries like a bitch when he thinks something is unfair or he gets fouled. I have seen the videos of him throwing a fit. Here's the thing. Is this guy a beast? No doubt. HE always feels he is entitled. Look at MJ. He became pissed off too. THe difference. MJ did not whine like a little bitch. HE went out and did something about it. Thats why his team won so many championships, and that is why he is the goat. This is all debatable, and I am not a sports expert, but I will agree with many who have played the game and have stated publicly, that MJ is the GOAT.  

All of this garbage in today's world stems from a bad direction taken by leadership, and the facts. People today just suck. 

After typing all of this, here is how I know that my assessment is correct. Comments can be left on any of my posts. If 2 comments are left, I will be surprised.

Enjoy the video. If you made it this far, my hats off to you.. 

The Last Selfie opening Stay real, 



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