Spider Webs and the Early Moring Dew

December 03, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

We often refer to time as being our biggest enemy. I can understand that statement, but I can also say that sometimes time is on my side. At least that is the positive spin I try to convince myself of to keep my outlook from being negative. 

I noted on a recent outing that the area I was exploring had several spider webs present and I thought that was interesting. What compelled me to take a composition was the presence of all the early morning dew that formed on the webs. As I studied them, it was kind of cool to see smal drips of water occasionally falling. Although I did not see the spiders that created this amazing environment, I am sure that they were somewhere very close to the webs they weaved. 

I did not want to disturb them as I looked for a decent composition. I struggled a bit getting it right in camera with correct exposure, and making sure I had a strong focal point that allowed me a decent depth of field. 

Here is the composition. 

Early Morning DewEarly Morning DewA spiders web covered with early morning dew

Considering a goal in composition is to try and make sense of the chaos that was present, I must admit, I found this difficult. 

I held off on presenting this frame, simply because I was not sure how I felt about it. After some time, I decided that it was time to let others decide if this was worthy. Here it is, you can be the judge, I have it in the fine art gallery and the image can be purchased. If it sells that will give me a good idea if the photo is received well. 

Here is a link to the gallery. 


I know we always use time as an excuse, because its convenient. The simple reality is life happens, and we sometimes must put things above our passions or what we may want to do. Any way you sum it up. Take time and enjoy the moments. Rethink your priorities. I have had to do that, and there are some things that have been summarized as things I need to change. 

Some thoughts to close this out. Recently someone said to me, Man, I do not know how you do all this, and my response was simply, " I did not have a fucking choice"

Remember, always keep your options open, and do what is best for you and the ones you love. Remove the toxic elements from your life. Trust me, you will be much better by doing so. 


Be Legendary, 





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