Content Creation. The New Norm

July 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Content CreationVideo for Content Seems all the buzz these days is content creation and if you are a photographer you better be a filmmaker as well. Just thought I would share some content. What I can tell you is the benefits. Not huge by any means but I have been able to gain and retain over 100 new connections on the ol instagram. 

What's all that mean? Nothing................. YET. What I can tell you is Mobile phone gimbals are an absolute if you plan on creating content. What I would advise against, is the damn apps that come with the gimbals. No matter the device you are using, I have found that both the DJI as well as the Zhiyun apps do not take full advange of your mobile devices capability. To hear more you will have to stay tuned. If I have time I will do a You tube video that shows you how to get around the apps and still use your gimbal to create smooth cinematic content. 

This video was shot using the Zhiyun app, and as you can see not everything in this video, is what I would consider sharp. 

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