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Yeah  I know. Often is the case, we go off on the insanity of politics, and it is a simple sad reality that we live in a world full of uninformed, and to be strait forward about this idiotic, and just plain unrealistic human beings. OF coarse I make no claims to be so much smarter than any one else, but you can't deny the fact that the direction our country is heading is not good. 

With that out of the way you wanna talk photos, OK well here you go. This week I am going to do just that, and the image I am sharing today is just a look into the creative thought process which drives my fondness for the production of my images. SO let me start by saying this. In the photographic world, the natural process of photography and creating an image has changed a great deal just in the past two years. What people want now is composite imagery, and that want has made many photographers go all in on photoshop and learning how to create whimsical composite images. Myself, well as always I entered that arena late, and it's due to my real life obligations and simply not having the time to teach myself the skills required to create the composites. Don't misread that, just because I entered that game late does not mean I don't have the ability. That would be a false statement. Oh I can do them, and I can rock those with the best of them. The reason you don't see more of those from me posted on social media is for one reason. I am not going to give away my content to platforms such as face book and instagram. Mark Zuckerburg don't pay me for my work and unless I want to pay for reach to promote my business it does me no fucking benefit to give my content away. In short Fuck you Facebook. I have a website, and the website is something I pay for every year. It costs me real money, and what I have done is create content on my site, and I will share links to SM platforms so that traffic is driven to my site. Why you ask? Well here is the reason. My website gets a ton of traffic. With that being a fact, it ranks me pretty high on google and other search engines. As another matter of fact my ranking is higher than the more popular photographers in my market zone and that turns into business from my optimal clients. Everyone has a specialization, and I let my specialization be discovered from people looking for what I do. In summary I leave the everyday session stuff to photographers who enjoy that type of lifestyle. For me, I am old and salty, and if someone comes to me asking for imagery, it's because they have seen what I can do and they like what they see. For me that is the motivation that drives you to create something special for them. A fun fact. Since recovering from my surgical procedure, and getting back behind the camera, I am doing more and more word of mouth shoots for boudoir and those images most people will never see, because they are personal and of a private nature. Look at your own ladies guys. dont troll my site looking for sexy ass photos. LOL. Wanna know why I am getting word of mouth recommendation? Well it's because I am not the creepy photographer who gets off on seeing women in skimpy outfits. You have to say it, and I know it's not a topic that people want to talk about. Despite that, I know that there are several perv's who do it, for the very reasons I just mentioned. Trust, that what it takes, and you also have to put your client at ease upon initial conversation. If your client is nervous and you can't build that trust, well forget it. Hang the camera up. 

This week however we are not focusing on Boudoir, we are focusing on Baby pictures. Newborns to be specific. Not to be a wuss, but I have a big old spot in my heart for babies. I mean c'mon man, who does not love just creating something special for tow people who just created life. Not to mention that you get to hold a baby. That's precious stuff there, and being able to hold and interact with a newborn is just plain sweet. Same scenario, These images are on my site and links are shared. Hey Zuckerberg, EAD you nutbag, cause in my mind if facebook was gone tomorrow, the world would be a better place. Your a platform not a publisher and the censorship and bias is the reason why so many people are starting to open their eyes and see the bullshit associated with your platform. 

SO here we go. Ladies and Gents I give you Silas . SILAS-7SILAS-7

Little man was awesome and I want to thank his Mom, Dad, and Gramma, for letting me create this visual. 

You wanna hear more about this shoot well you can listen to my Podcast to get the full details of this post. In closing let state this. Yeah I know we rant a lot on politics on the program. Some would say i should keep my thoughts on the topic private because it will hurt your business. Some truth in that, but here's my take. You either love or hate my work, and my work is not a reflection of my opinions on politics. You can choose to go with another photographer just like I choose to have a different viewpoint on the political machine. Either way one thing I can say for certain, just like photography, you have to learn how to capture, edit and create images. Politics, you also have to educate yourself on the topics of concern. I happen to be one of those people who choose to educate themselves and base decisions on facts. IF you choose to listen to the mainstream and be what is know known as sheeple, that I feel pretty sorry for you. All media including social is pretty much agenda driven and not based on fact. Here's a fact. I am pretty good at this image stuff, and if I am not your cup of tea, than drink fucking kool-aid. I have no room for opinions based on anything other than fact. I am what I am, and you be what you be. 

Go ahead and have a listen. 




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