The Social Media Crisis. Looks like a Storm Brewing

January 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

It would appear the world as we know it, is about to fall into the crapper. One thing I can say with sincerity, I certainly appreciate the passion some people put forth in their political beliefs and can certainly understand why people feel the way they do about the outgoing president. However I also feel that so much of the passion placed in such beliefs are misplaced and here is why. 

There is a lot of people out there that do not remember the great days when politicians from both parties reached across the aisle and worked together to achieve wonderful things. During the Regan Era, following Jimmy Carter, this country was in rough shape. How many remember that. Although unpopular at the time, the Regan plan was to recover our economy and spark the job market and that is exactly what he did. In retrospect I see so many older people who greatly benefited by simple means of retirement savings and personal wealth all due to Regan's policies. Sadly so many do not seem to understand this. We also had major failures during that ere as well when it came to raising children and what is known as the breakdown of the family unit. As this trend continued and children were raised with out repercussions for their actions, you clearly saw an uptick in a lack of respect and bad choices by the youth of America. What we have now is a bunch of entitled misinformed people walking around thinking that everybody owes them a living. In addition people have no regards or worries when it comes to landing a job and working hard to keep that job. At the end of the day it all comes down to life choices and when this is pointed out, you are demonized for calling it what it is. 

With that said and in all honestly, I did not want to go all political in my post, but it leads into my current thought in regards to Social Media and the use of it to promote one's said business. My timeline goes like this. Election day, The upset. There is no way that this election was not stolen, and with any and all evidence being ignored to support this claim, one has to wonder if any of the rumors or theories being circulated are true. Of coarse I am going to be vague here, as I am not going to contribute to rumors. We shall soon see what the future holds for the USA. For years now we have seen The speaker and several other so called leaders suggesting civil unrest against the supporters of the president, not to mention the assault on law enforcement by the left. Now we are impeaching the president again because he is to blame for the "attack" on the capital. Really a double edge sword here considering. We have all watched the assault on the president over the last four years, and the same people who conducted these assaults are calling for healing. Then we have the actions of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, who have shut down the president on social media platforms. 

The explanation for this is, they state they do not want to promote civil unrest. Let's call this bullshit. I for one tweeted at Jack Dorsey (ceo of Twitter) and I let him know that his actions were a real dick move. In addition I also asked him to ban me. Of coarse, my account is still active. So in short here is how I am looking at all this. Censorship is a violation of the constitution and at last check, " THE PEOPLE" have a right to free speech. When you voice an opinion and that is removed because it violates community standards, it is in fact against the law.  Actions to follow. Over the last several months I have become less active on social media simply because Facebook is no longer the Facebook I joined years ago. As a person who has a business page, it has been noted that putting your work out there in the attempt at growing a business is no longer a great way to showcase your talents. In short it has become a pay to play type scenario. I am not saying that things go unnoticed but when you compare insights today to those of 6 years ago, you can clearly see that face book controls who sees your work. I also note that so many businesses are paying for page likes and what floors me with this, is these are all fake. I could go on and on regarding this and how crappy the entire social media world is but instead I am simply going to go at this on a different path. 

Moving forward, I will no longer post images to Facebook. Why would I give my work away for free. When I say this, I cant tell you how many times I get messages from friends, that notify me someone has one of my photos as their cover photo. Really shitty part of this is some of the people that do this is local. No credit to the photographer nor any connection as a client to my respective field whatsoever.  What I will do is blog and or post the images on my website and share the link to the post with anyone who cares to have a read. As time goes on, I plan on moving away from certain social media platforms, because I am tired of all the bullshit. Political and personal. 


In closing, I will state this. Some of you who know me are aware that I recently had a surgical procedure. I want to thank everyone who sent messages wishing me a speedy recovery. I also want to share this. One of the messages I received, I was a little perplexed over. The thought that my beliefs were a result of the pain I have lived with for years and or my disposition was directly related to this issue's I had struck me as assumable. 

I certainly hope people are paying attention. Life is going to get really interesting. May you stay safe in these unusual times. 

I leave you with a favorite. 

Wonders of the World.  SUPERMOON2016SUPERMOON2016Two Wonders One Frame



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