Close Encounters

November 26, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I always think that one of the best moments you can experience as a photographer is when a well laid out plan just comes together, and you capture the frame you were hoping for. 

Not everything works out as planned, but when it does and that moment is just magic, it's something that stays with you for a lifetime. 

The letdown is simply when it does all work out, you so earnestly strive to have every time a field follow suit. 

I have always had a love for foxes. Having many special encounters with these clever characters, I feel very blessed to have seen some of the behaviors associated with this magnificent creature. 

This close encounter meeting was no exception. 

CLOSE ENCOUNTERSCLOSE ENCOUNTERSClose encounters with a red fox

I would love to hear your stories about Foxes. Please leave a comment and share your story with me. 

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Thank you for reading and stay safe through the holiday seasons. 


Deep Discounts on all Fine Art Images Until December 19/2023

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Long Walk Short PierLong Walk Short PierSlow exposure of Pier In Fine Art Format


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Reflections of Fall

November 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I shared a post of a Duck that posed for an interesting frame. ON that very same walk I was looking for some scenic views that would show off the late fall season. Often is the case I will come across some lower foliage trees that still carry a significant number of leaves on them. 

Much in the case of this image. 

REFLECTIONS OF FALL REFLECTIONS OF FALL Glowing fall foliage on a smooth reflective pool of water

I shot this with a 600mm lens on a Sony camera and to be perfectly honest, I was not sure how it would turn out. I am not calling it a masterpiece, but I can say I was happy with the quality of the frame. In post I simply darkened it a little and bumped the vibrance up a bit. 

Although my intent for the day was to score on some wildlife, it's always nice to walk away with a composition that has al almost painterly look to it. 

What do you think?

The image is in the fine art gallery and is for sale if you would like this on your wall. Click on the photo and it will take you to all the images I currently have in the gallery for sale. More to come. 


Happy Thanksgiving to all. 



Wildlife Walks

November 19, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a while since I went for a walk with the intent of Photographing wildlife. I guess that's because my knees are not what they used to be. Honestly its not just the knees. I am not a young man anymore, but I am certainly looking to remedy the constraints I currently have. 

I wanted to see if I still had it. The skill set to take a decent wildlife photo. You are the judge. I am happy with my capture. 

DUCK copyDUCK copy

I had one moment as this duck was in the middle of preening and eating. I had to snap the frame as he looked at the sky. I will certainly enjoy these moments in the near future. 

Please let me know what you think of the composition in the comments 

Shot on my Sony, with a sigma 600mm and a 1.4 extender. Effective focal length 740mm. Some minor editing in Light room and this one is done. It really does pay off in the end when you shoot it right in the camera before post. 

Thanks all, Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.



The Winds of Change Sportraits

November 17, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Some deep thoughts from a big picture thinker. 

Hindsight truly is 20/20. SO, 15 years ago, I coined the phrase sportraits, and if I would have been a smart man, I would have copyrighted righted that phrase to my personal brand of photography. Yet a failure on me. IN the past few months, I have seen photographers replicating some of what I used to do, and still do from time to time and they are coining it as sportraits. Good for them. My talking point behind this is from a positive perspective and I do love to see other photographers get cred. What bothers me is being the guy that took athletes and created dramatic imagery based on what they love must have been ahead of its time when I was making a push in that niche. Sadly, it's just now catching on and it makes me wonder. DO I get back on the train and highlight what I can do? It's a question and a decision. 

PAGE-8The Begining

During my infancy in this, I kept it simple, but progressed in development, as I wanted the look to be edgy and represent what the athlete goes through to become a player of distinction.


I think the biggest part of any portrait image that displays the truth about growth in sports is always in the eyes. There is sacrifice and a deep motivation that drives people who are focused on a goal. If you ever note that once an athlete achieves the crowning jewel of their sport you notice that future portraits tells the stories in the eyes of those who reached the top. I would go as far as to say sometimes you even see a smirk or a smile in the subject. 


What sets off any Sportrait is the emotion. How do we capture emotion? Most will tell you it comes easy, but that's not truthful. The reality is no one really likes to be photographed. When I say that, I mean people are uncomfortable in front of a lens. The key variables here are in front of the lens and behind the lens. In short, the person behind the lens has to do the work. Make the connection, make the subject comfortable. How do you ask? I would say it's a trade secret, but the fact is you just must be a human being. You are photographing a human being. Try putting your ego aside and making a connection with the subject. 


No matter the subject matter, the point of this post is to simply make a statement about taking the subject and putting the subject in their element. 

The concept, the layout, the connection, the story communicated is what this is about. 

Some things to note. The images here, although acceptable, do not really display what is possible when doing this style of composition. I will be looking to do some images very soon that display what is really possible. 

I like Horses. I think it's time to take a shot of someone on horseback.... 

Reach out if interested. 







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